Way more than beaches and sun

Majorca really has it all. This dream destination in the heart of the Mediterranean lures with more than 500 kilometres of award-winning beaches, breathtaking coves and picturesque harbours. Discover white and ochre sand beaches in the southeast or explore hidden coves surrounded by pine forests in the northern part of the island. Individually combine your trip to Majorca with the other fantastic Balearic islands here.

The clean and crystal-clear waters surrounding this paradise offer numerous possibilities to practice water sports, from scuba diving or water skiing to surfing.

The inner part of  the island has much to offer as well. The fascinating landscape of the largest Balearic island is full of hidden treasures and it is largely worth taking your time to discover it. The historic centres of Deià and Valldemossa are two of the most astonishing spots on the island.

The best way to get to know the different side of Majorca is by foot or bicycle. The numerous little-used and rural tracks in the inland are a perfect opportunity to feel the authentic, traditional vibe of Majorca. Almost half of the countryside of the island is protected and each place has its own magic.

Observe countless migratory birds in S’Albufera, see fascinating and rugged landscapes in the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains or explore hidden caves, such as the Drach Cave. Majorca’s coasts as well as the countryside are marked by contrasts and are only waiting for you to discover them.


Teide National Park

Visiting the Teide National Park is an absolute must once you are in Tenerife. Mount Teide has been declard a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO and is classified as the highest peak in Spain with more than 3,700 metres. Furthermore it ranks among the highest volcanoes on an island worldwide.

Teide National Park is almost from another planet. The extraordinary and fascinating crater landscape and the astonishing view you will have from its peak are definitely worth the effort.

Climbing the summit will be an unfogettable experience for you – whether you hike on well-marked trails through dense pine forests or through desert-like landscapes with colourful rocks. A great benefit is that part of the route can be done by cable car, so the ascent is possible for almost everyone. If you are looking for an adventure you can of course ascend by foot as well. There is a route leaving from Montaña Blanca which is a quite demanding six hours walk.

Thanks to the unique climate Teide National Park offers a great variety of endemic flora and fauna. For instance you will encounter three reptile species, namely the Canary Island lizard, the Canary Island wall gecko and the Canary Island skink.

Go and see it for yourself, as words cannot to it justice. You can mix Tenerife and other wonderful Canary islands here.