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Individual island hopping Dodecanese islands is best booked with a specialist with experience in Greece travel. Don’t fancy crowded beaches and lots of people in noisy places? On the trail of a way of life with living traditions on kilometre-long island beaches. In the south-eastern Aegean Sea, in the sunniest part of Greece, lies the archipelago of the Dodecanese, once made up of twelve main islands and numerous smaller ones, each with its own distinctive character.

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The most popular tour for island hopping Dodecanese islands: Rhodes | Symi | Kalymnos | Kos

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For island hopping Dodecanese islands note the most popular and recommended combination:

Outbound flight Kos, onward to Kalymnos, Leros, Patmos, return flight from Kos.

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  • Almost untouched coasts and lush green mountain formations
  • Exceptional sandy beaches and Mediterranean evenings on 4 islands
  • Apocalypse on Patmos and the imposing fortresses of the Knights of St. John

Create your own tour without any obligations: All you need to do here is choose hotels according to your own needs. Island hopping will introduce you to picturesque and traditional islands around Rhodes and Kos. Decide what you like best and mix the hotels you want with days for relaxing, swimming and events in the Dodecanese.

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Flexibly mix your individual island hopping Dodecanese Islands in Greece…
… to a complete ⇓ tour by adding to the hotel also excursions for Culture, Adventure or Hiking days.

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Round Trip Rhodes, Symi, Astypalea

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  • Natural beauty Astypalea of the dwarf elephants and Symi with picturesque scenery
  • Price guarantee. Book directly with the hotels
  • Combining the historical old town of Rhodes and beautiful bathing days

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Flexibly mix your individual island hopping around the island of rhodes in Greece…
… to a complete ⇓ tour by adding to the hotel also excursions for Culture, Adventure or Hiking days.

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Note the most popular and recommended combinations with flexible length of stay:

Outbound flight to Kos, on to Kalymnos, then to Symi, on to Rhodes and from there return flight
(or vice versa)

On the tracks of the lifestyle with lively traditions on endless beaches

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  • Bookings directly with the hotels, without intermediaries
  • Long sandy beaches with interesting testimonies of an eventful history
  • Regional culture, lively traditions & friendly islanders
  • A multifaceted island world with varied coasts

You would like to design a different combination yourself? Then you can customise your tour here according to own needs:
Create individual tour by clicking on the blue box.

Flexibly mix your individual island hopping Dodecanese around the islands of kos and rhodes in Greece…
… to a complete ⇓ tour by adding to the hotel also excursions for Culture, Adventure or Hiking days.

Dodecanese Islands

Dodecanes Islands

Nestled in the southeastern Aegean Sea, the Dodecanese Islands form an enchanting archipelago boasting a rich tapestry of history, mythology, and natural beauty. Comprising 12 major islands and numerous smaller islets, this region is renowned for its diverse array of attractions, ranging from ancient ruins and medieval castles to pristine beaches and charming villages. Each island possesses its own distinct character, offering travelers a unique blend of experiences. From the legendary Colossus of Rhodes to the medieval streets of Rhodes Old Town, the islands are steeped in mythology and history, inviting visitors on a fascinating journey through time.

Outdoor enthusiasts will delight in the opportunities for hiking, sailing, and diving amidst the islands’ pristine natural landscapes. History buffs can explore ancient sites like the Acropolis of Lindos on Rhodes or the medieval castle of the Knights of St. John on Patmos. Meanwhile, the local cuisine, celebrated in seaside tavernas and cozy eateries, promises a culinary adventure with fresh seafood, flavorful mezes, and traditional Greek dishes. Whether seeking adventure, history, or simply a picturesque retreat, the Dodecanese Islands beckon with their allure and endless possibilities for exploration.


Discover Patmos, a spiritual haven famously known as the location where Saint John wrote the Book of Revelation. This island is a pilgrimage site, with the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian and the Cave of the Apocalypse as its spiritual core. Walk the cobbled lanes of Chora, a UNESCO World Heritage site, rich in medieval architecture. Patmos also hosts the Sacred Music Festival, featuring performances in ancient and religious venues, creating a profound cultural experience. Aside from its spiritual and historical significance, Patmos offers lovely beaches and tranquil coves, perfect for relaxation and reflection. Patmos provides a blend of spiritual enrichment and serene leisure, essential for any visitor to the Dodecanese.


Leros, an island known for its serene beauty and rich history. Stroll through the tree-lined streets of Agia Marina, blended with neoclassical architecture and traditional Greek colors. Visit the imposing Castle of Leros, perched high above the island, offering panoramic views and a glimpse into the island’s medieval past. For military history enthusiasts, the War Museum inside a tunnel at Merikia is a must-see. Engage in water sports at the pristine beaches or join in the local festivities during the Alinda Festival, which celebrates music and arts every summer. Leros is an enchanting blend of culture, history, and natural beauty, ideal for a more laid-back island experience.


Visit Kalymnos, renowned as the sponge divers’ island, and discover its unique cultural and adventurous attractions. Known globally as a top destination for rock climbing, the island’s rugged landscapes offer thrilling climbs with stunning views of the Aegean Sea. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the vast network of caves, including the famous Cave of the Seven Virgins. Participate in the annual Climbing Festival, which attracts enthusiasts from around the world. For a taste of local history, explore the Nautical Museum and the historic sponge factories to learn about the island’s deep-sea heritage. Kalymnos combines natural adventure with rich maritime history, making it an essential stop in the Dodecanese.


Explore Kos, a gem on your island tour of the Dodecanese, where you can immerse yourself in both the ancient history and the breathtaking natural landscapes. Cyclists will revel in the island’s extensive network of bike paths, offering leisurely routes to major historical sites like the ancient Agora and the celebrated Asklepieion, where Hippocrates once taught. Beach enthusiasts will find paradise at shores like Tigaki and Paradise Beach, perfect for engaging in water sports or simply soaking up the sun. Don’t miss a visit to the thermal springs at Agios Fokas, a natural spa beside the azure sea. Additionally, explore the island’s bustling markets and savor local delicacies for a true taste of Kos. With its blend of cultural heritage and stunning natural beauty, Kos stands out as a top destination in any Dodecanese island tour.


Venture to Astypalea, a captivating stop on your island hopping journey through Greece’s Dodecanese. Known for its butterfly shape and traditional Cycladic architecture, Astypalea offers a variety of activities that make it a unique destination. Explore the striking Chora, crowned with a Venetian castle that provides panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. Engage in hiking trails that weave through ancient paths connecting picturesque villages. For beach enthusiasts, Vatses and Livadi beaches offer crystal-clear waters ideal for snorkeling and relaxation. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the historical monastery of Panagia Portaitissa, an iconic symbol of the island. Astypalea combines natural beauty with rich history, ensuring a memorable experience in the Dodecanese archipelago.


Symi, an island famed for its striking neoclassical architecture and the vibrant festival scene. The annual Symi Festival runs from July to September and features a wide range of events including classical music concerts, theatrical performances, and art exhibitions, all set against the backdrop of the island’s picturesque settings. Visit the Naval Museum to learn about Symi’s rich maritime history. Explore the panoramic views from the Monastery of Archangel Michael Panormitis, a major pilgrimage site beautifully situated by the sea. Symi’s enchanting harbor, Gialos, is lined with colorful buildings and chic cafes, making it perfect for leisurely exploration. Symi offers a blend of beauty, culture, and history, enriching your Dodecanese island-hopping adventure.


Embark on the next leg of your island-hopping journey through the Dodecanese with a visit to Rhodes, where history and modernity converge in spectacular fashion. Discover the medieval Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, dominated by the imposing Palace of the Grand Master and entwined with narrow, cobbled streets. Venture to Lindos to see its ancient acropolis, dramatically set against the backdrop of white houses and turquoise bays. For nature enthusiasts, the Valley of the Butterflies offers tranquil walks amidst rare and beautiful butterflies each summer. Engage in exhilarating water sports at Tsambika and Prasonisi, renowned for their excellent windsurfing and kitesurfing conditions. With its rich historical tapestry and vibrant activity offerings, Rhodes is a must-visit destination on any Dodecanese island-hopping tour.

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