Dodecanese Islands

Greek island feeling & long sandy beachs

The Dodecanese islands offer many attractions for their guests. You can stroll along the Street of Knights in the medieval old city on Rhodes. Seize a piece of paradise on “Paradise Beach” on Kos, with nice sand and pure water. Investigate fascinating myths and legends in the Hollow of Revelation (Patmos). And finally relax on “the Island of peace and friendship” on Chalky, where you can watch the small red-white boats passing by. All of these activities and more yocan experience with island hopping in Dodecanese!

We will guide you from island to island in the southern east of the Aegean, which is the sunniest part of Greece, where you can enjoy peace and relaxation, despite the diversity of activities. The island impress with their unique charm: they are enchaining and prominent in their way, loud but still peaceful, perfect but natural. In the contrast to the specific meaning (“twelve islands”), the island group consists of 200 islands, from them only 25 islands are inhabited: Rhodes and Kos are the most famous, as well as Kalymnos, Leros, Patmos and Symi.

Take delight with us in the picturesque landscapes, impressive mountains and bays, everlasting mild climate, in blue, subtle graded gleaming sea, peaceful villages with their classic narrow lanes and cafes, that invite to have a rest before you continue your trip… in the ancient World, in Byzantine empire and epoch of French reign, which you can feel, see and grasp during your journey. Travel with and we will assure that you have an unforgettable time!