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About Tourmix

The travel portal for special & individual holidays

Dimitrios Zachos, owner of Tourmix, an internal company of the TCM Group, has worked as a travel consultant for holidays in Europe for more than 28 years. Over many years he has also been responsible for the product Europe at two different travel agencies, in particular he focussed on Greece, Spain and Croatia. These days he works as a freelance lecturer for hotel- and tourismmanagament and intercultural competence at two German universities. Thanks to his extensive network well-known and reliable tour operators and airlines are among his partners today.

individual holidays at a slow pace
Holiday feeling off the mainstream – experience authentic islands and regions with tourmx.eu

Tourmix.eu is not intended to sell ready-made „all inclusive holidays“, but flexible and tailor-made island hopping & sailing tours which will leave nothing to be desired. It offers a special selection of Mr Zachos‘ best recommendations for travelling to Greece as well as other countries.

Our most popular travel product certainly is island hopping. Currently we offer unforgettable trips to Greece (Cyclades, Dodecanese, Ionian & Sporades) as well as Spain (Canaries, Balearics).

Explore exciting cultures, amazing people and overwhelming landscapes just as you wish. You can individually choose the islands and hotels you would like to stay in and add transfers of your choice. Due to open jaw flights you have even more possibilities to create your own individual route. For instance you can book an outbound flight to Mykonos and a return flight from Santorini. Another major advantage is that you will not have to worry in case changing weather conditions or other problems occur that will lead to short-term changes of the ferry timetable. We will change your reservations free of charge. From many years of experience I recommend you to only visit two islands per week, but of course you are also free to choose more or only one island.

If you want to let go and enjoy the mild sea breezes our sailing trips are just the right thing for you. Get to know amazing archipelagos in an entirely new light. Sailing allows you to discover the hidden beauties and secret treasures of nearly untouched islands. Excellent weather conditions and a yacht that can be handled by total beginners and well-versed sailors equally, will leave everlasting memories.

We recently began to offer another incomparable way to explore astonishing island worlds: you can now combine island hopping and sailing. Discover the secrets of the less well-known islands and enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of the famous islands during one trip.

Request your non-binding offer now and take your time to calmly discuss it with your family and friends.

 33 years of experience in the tourism industry – that is what we would like to celebrate with you! Tourmix.eu runs this campaign as a special customer service until 6 March 2016. Click below and get your voucher.

Please do not hesitate to contact me in case you have any questions. I am gladly at your disposal – either by telephone: +49 (0)234 95040675 or by email: service@tourmix.eu.

Greece- a destination for 365 days

  • Learn about the country’s legendary history and culture.
  • Visit more than 220 inhabited islands and go island hopping.
  • Discover a coastline of approximately 16,000 km.
  • Explore 13 magical regions
    • Attica – The land of eternal, bright Attic light
    • Eastern Macedonia and Thrace – a multicultural heritage
    • Central Macedonia – The legendary birthplace of Alexander the Great
    • Western Macedonia – The alpine beauty of Greece
    • Epirus – The untouched paradise of mainland Greece
    • Thessaly – A region with many different charms
    • Western & Central Greece – Fascinating Nature and Delphi as the navel of the world
    • Ionian Islands – small paradise niches surrounded by turquoise waters
    • The Peloponnese – A region known since the dawn of history
    • South Aegean Islands – Bright Blue, Shining White
    • Crete – Rich in history and blessed by nature
Design your trip flexibly according to your own wishes
Little Venice on the island of Mykonos is the centre of the entertainment scene in the Cyclades in the southern Aegean.
Picture source: EOT greece


Italy – get lost in the wonders of its regions

Mix your individual holiday to Italy
Rome – La Fontana del Moro a Piazza Navona
Picture source: ENIT Agenzia Nazionale del Turismo
  • The Italian regions to visit offer something unique and well worth exploring.
  • From the snow capped peaks of Veneto, to the sunny beaches of Calabria.
  • A diversity that is also reflected in the food and architecture.
  • Explore 13 magical regions
    • Lazio – Is not only Rome.
    • Piedmont – Enchant you with ist mountains, hills and more.
    • Tuscany – Will win you over with its unique landscapes, cities of art.
    • Sardinia – A journey to the island of the emerald sea and unspoilt nature
    • South Tyrol – Alto Adige is place to discover all year round green valleys
    • Friuli Venezia Giulia – A treasure chest nestled between sea and mountains
    • Veneto – A region of wonder, with cities of art of undisputed beauty
    • Campania – offers landscapes, history, culture and a gastronomic tradition
    • Liguria – Tucked-away villages, secret little beaches and superb nature
    • Sicily – Where a sea of art, culture and nature will seduce you
    • Calabria – Crystal-clear sea, the Riace Bronzes and Capo Vaticano
    • Puglia – Amidst beautiful coastlines and picture-postcard landscapes
    • Lombardy – A region of culture and charm with extraordinary landscapes


Cyprus – a fusion of experiences

  • Discover an island rich in history and culture.
  • Full of wonderful experiences just waiting to be enjoyed
  • Whatever the season, Cyprus provides ample opportunity to experience something new
  • Explore 10 magical cities & regions
    • Fefkosia (Nicosia) City – Cosmopolitan, glamorous and bustling.
    • Lemesos (Limassol) City – The city of celebrations since ancient times.
    • Pafos (Paphos) City – Legends of love, magnificent mosaics, archaeological awes and captivating coasts
    • Larnaka (Larnaca) – Beautifully compact, easily accessible and truly authentic
    • The Lefkosia – With its distinction as the only divided capital in the world
    • The Ammochostos – Sparkling, crystal waters and powdery, golden sands
    • The Lemesos – Legends of kings and kingdoms, and the origins of the island’s
    • The Pafos (Paphos) – An air of romance and history
    • The Larnka (Larnaca) – East meets west in the ancient district of Larnaka
    • Troodos Region – With pine-scented air that feels more invigorating the higher you climb
Mix here flexibly the individual holiday to cyprus
Petra tour Romiou (Aphrodite’s Rock)
Bild: Dimitris Vetsikas


Islandhopping Greece

Text islandhopping

Sailing Greece

Mix on Tourmix sailing and island hopping individually according to your own needs
Discover the most beautiful islands in Greece from the sea

In Greece sailing is a favorite activity with locals and tourists especially during the warm months of the year.
Go island hopping and discover shores of incredible natural beauty and crystal-clear waters so fresh and inviting. Greek seas and their endless coastline will tempt you to go on a sailing holiday in their waters. There are facilities to accommodate boats in most ports and marinas. You will find out that Greece is the perfect destination für your adventures. Numerous big and small islands dot the Aegean and Ionian seas and relatively short distances one from the other. That means you‘ll be traveling from port to port within a few hours.
Set sail and discover coastal areas and islands where locals are ready to welcome you.
At night join in their festivals and dance to Greek traditional rhythms.

Discover nature and learn to marvel again while sailing in Greece

Visit picturesque islands where life follows a leisurely pace. Learn about local customs and traditions deeply rooted in each islands shaping everyday practise.
Old castles and deserted villages scatteres on the island Hill sites offer proof of a long and sometimes gemalto us past which you will be intrigued to know more about.

Taste fresh fish and seafood at a remote seaside –Vernors accessible only by boat a few meters away from the seashore. Explore out of sight caves and freely our adrenaline rice as you dive in your own private paradise. Rent a boat an sail away to lesser known spots of Greece during your sea voyages include as many islands as possible and open up to new horizons. Discover pristine beaches and coves. Drop anchor and have a refreshing swim under the blue skies. These are some of the reasons why Greece should be your next destination. An experience you’ll be tempted to relive again and again.


    Dear Mr Dimitrios Zachos

    First of all we would like to thank you personally for the
    interesting itinerary planning and the support during the entire
    of the trip.
    A trip with „griechanlandabc“ is a great experience and can be
    experienced without any problems, as it is planned by professionals and connoisseurs of the country.

    — Max D. |CH | June 2023

    Good day, Mr Zachos,

    thank you for asking! We had two super weeks on the islands! Everything worked out and it certainly wasn’t the last time. After many years in Scandinavia, we all now felt like going to Greece again for some sun. And although it was only 2 weeks, it felt like 2 months because of the constantly new destinations.

    — Hilke von H. | GER | August 2023

    Good morning Mr Zachos,

    Everything went very well on the trip. We will remember it for a long time.
    We liked the all-round package very much and also the adjustment of the days with focus on Paros and Naxos recommended by you was perfect.
    The Hotel Plaza Beach on Naxos directly on the beach was super.

    — Wolgang B. | GER | September 2023

    Hello Mr Zachos,

    First of all, I would like to tell you that we enjoyed this trip very much and that we thank you for the perfect and personal contact, for your reactivity and also for the itinerary itself.

    We visited Greece for the first time, and besides the great country and its historical treasures, we especially liked the incredibly nice and easy-going people. That was a blessing and, in my opinion, distinguishes Greece very much from other countries we have visited so far.

    Francis K. | LUX | July 2023