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With an expert planned individual island hopping, discover the natural diversity of a destination in just one trip. For example, in Europe Greece. The almost 400 inhabited islands, are distributed in several island groups. Or in Italy. Combining the famous coasts with the nearby islands, you combine culture and natural landscape panoramas. Since 1988 we offer as a specialist individual travel combination, initially for Greece and Italy, and constantly expand our product portfolio.

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  • Because on this homepage you can design all the individual travel services yourself and mix them
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  • Only one travel consultant as contact person for all travel services booked with us for your individually designed trip
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Island hopping Greece

Island hopping with Santorini on the Cyclades pearls

Cyclades and all the other Greek island groups

You may probably have the idea of the land of myths, gods and heroes that shaped the Greek culture, art, architecture and literature? Or the monuments and archeology which reflect the time from antiquity to modern times?

You will see the thousands of Greek islands (many of them are uninhabited), which you can observe from the boat or discover with a diving mask. Or the mountains which are covered with dense forests and lush, blooming in all colors of spring meadows?

The best way to discover Greece is to travel from island to island: for example choose an island group and make a trip around them. The best and the most well-known island groups are Cyclades (from Greek  Kyklos = round) and Dodecanese islands (around Rhodes and Kos). The ferries sail frequently, they are modern and give the feel of a mini cruise with unusual perspectives on the Greek Islands. The tickets will be booked or you through the local travel agency and submitted personally before leaving the harbor of the island. Optional at extra cost, there are numerous private ferry operators that offer a faster but more expensive service.

One of the most popular routes for island hopping on Greek Islands crosses the middle Cyclades, including the islands of Paros, Naxos, Ios, Santorini, Mykonos with Syros, Tinos, Andros and Amorgos. Another route is through Dodecanese, which runs parallel to the Turkish coast and seizes the islands of Kos, Rhodes, Symi, Kalymnos, Tilos, Leros and Patmos covers. These are the best examples to discover the well-known variety of the most beautiful Greek islands and their traditional inhabitants.

The term ‘Island hopping’ originally comes from a name given to a military strategy the US army used during the Pacific War.  We associate it nowadays with a unique and carefree way to travel.

Small hotels aknowledged this trend early on, and started adjusting to backpacker tourism. But island hopping means so much more, now: An increasing number of upscale category hotels now offer a stay for only a few days and thus meet the growing requirements of their guests, who are no longer only young people with a limited budget.

Learn about the stories and lifestyle of the Greeks

Are you looking for an active holiday with a lot of sports or do you just wish to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of various islands? You will no longer have to have to make compromises. You can plan your holiday according to your individual wishes, with islands, hotels and transfers of your choice thanks to Tourmix. How else could you discover so many exciting cultures, fascinating people and landscapes in only one vacation?

Each island has its own charm and story to tell, and never has there been an easier way to get to know them all! Enjoy spectacular sunsets while sitting on magnificent sand beaches, visit idyllic bays surrounded by turquoise water, discover picturesque villages and impressive monuments. In the moment, you can choose between the Greek groups of islands (Cyclades, Dodecanese, Ionian & Sporades) and the Lpari Islands. Other destinations like Croatia and Spain will follow in spring 2023.

The Greek island groups are:

Find out the location of the island groups and select them on the map (mobile not possible)

Island hopping CycladesIsland hopping DodecanneseIsland hopping saronic islandsIslandhopping Greece Sporades IslandsIslandhopping Greece Macedonia islandsIonian islands Greece island hoppingNorth-east islands Greece islandhopping

Names of the island groups with descriptions and text links

1 CYCLADES Bright white houses, chapels and churches delicately contrasting with the deep blue sea and the clear blue sky – Greece is genuinely like what you see on postcards. Due to the small distances between the islands, the Cyclades suit perfectly island hopping. Combine the Cyclades Islands here for an exclusive tour

2 DODECANNESE This region is characterized by its variety of possibilities and its highly contrasted landscapes, cultures and people. The dry and warm summer climate will please you, as the see breeze keeps the temperature very enjoyable. Create an unforgettable trip in the Dodecanese Islands

3 IONIAN ISLANDS Luxuriating vegetation, rich cultural heritage and friendly hosts are only a few examples of what this archipelago has to offer. The water surrounding the islands is the deepest in the Mediterranean, and the mountains ensure you a temperate climate throughout the year. Start island hopping in the Ionian according to your own needs

4 SPORADES WITH PELION The Sporades are almost like a whole universe in itself: They differ quite a lot from the rest of the Greek islands. What you will find there are heavily wooded mountains and dense pine forests siding superb beaches. Visiting the nearby peninsula Pelion is a must. Plan an island hopping trip to the green islands here

5 SARONIC ISLANDS The Saronic Islands are made up of Salamina, Egina, Poros, Hydra and Spetses. The latter three can be visited with Tourmix. Poros impresses with lush pine vegetation, a variety of beaches and lively promenades. Hydra is one of the most romantic destinations in Greece. Here, too, the city was modelled on the shape of an amphitheatre. Spetses is also called the island of aroma. A long naval tradition is followed on the island.

6 NORTH AEGEAN ISLANDS Islands in the North Aegean are unspoilt nature. Choose Chios and taste the world-famous mastic. Discover the secrets of longevity and well-being on the island of Ikaria. Indulge your palate with Muscat wine on the island of Limnos and try the ouzo on the island of Lesbos. Find more islands away from the holiday crowds here.

7 OTHER ISLAND GROUPS such as islands between Crete and Athens, Macedonia and Saronic Islands can be found and selected here on the overview page

The Aeolian Islands are a natural jewel of Italy, where time has stood still since Odysseus crossed and nature has remained wild and untouched. The islands are nestled in the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea.

You can easily visit the most beautiful islands of the Aeloian archipelago according to your wishes. With us, you can plan a combination according to your own wishes that suits you best. Each island has its own unique characteristics, which is why we recommend a complete tour. Whether you want to travel from Palermo or Catania is up to you. On this homepage you will find examples and possibilities. You won’t find a flight to the Lipari or Aeolian Islands, because there is no airport. The easiest way to reach the islands is by ferry from Genoa or Sicily.

The main islands of Lipari and Stromboli are the ideal destination for a holiday full of relaxation and fun. The island of Lipari was called “Lipara” (rich and shiny) by the Greeks because of the different and varied supply of fish and fruit.
Lipari is the largest island in the archipelago and its municipality includes all the other islands except Salina. Lipari town has three ports – most tourists arriving in Lipari by ferry dock at the port of Marina Lunga in the north of the town. The pretty village of Marina Corta is particularly popular with locals and tourists alike, with a large number of bars and restaurants. History lovers should not miss a visit to one of the most important archaeological museums in Lipari. It is located very close to the castle. This rises on a promontory between Marina Lunga and Marina Corta. After visiting the museum, you can visit the church of the patron saint San Bartolomeo or Belvedere to enjoy the beautiful view of Marina Corta.