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Island hopping Sporades Islands Greece can be booked individually and flexibly here. Such a complex combination is best booked with a specialist with experience in Greece tours. Don’t fancy crowded beaches and lots of people in noisy places? On the trail of a way of life with living traditions on kilometre-long island beaches. In the west of the Aegean Sea there are the greenest islands and the most beautiful coastline with great bays and long beaches., each with its own distinctive character.

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Outbound flight to Skiathos, onward to Alonisos, Skopelos and return flight from Skiathos often also from Volos
(or vice versa).

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Create your own tour without any obligations: All you need to do here is choose hotels according to your own needs. Island hopping will introduce you to picturesque and traditional islands around Rhodes and Kos. Decide what you like best and mix the hotels you want with days for relaxing, swimming and events in the Dodecanese.

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If you want to know:
Which Sporades islands, which beaches, which regions?

We suggest you the following tour. You determine the length of stay according to your own needs

Flight to Skiathos, on to Skopelos and Pelion. Return flight from Skiathos or Volos

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  • Plan for Pelion at least 6 nights
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Island hopping Sporades Islands
Sporades Islands

The peninsula Pelion and its richly wooded mountains are a beautiful destination at any time of the year. While in the winter, the trees are covered with fine snow, you will enjoy a magnificent hillside filled with colourful and wild flowers in summer and spring.

Thanks to the many trails, nursery slopes and easy-to-reach summits, Mount Pelion is an appreciated destination for young explorers, nature enthusiasts and experienced hikers and climbers. The two mountain shelters in Agios Georgios and Agriolefkes are an ideal places to have a break. More Informations:


Skiathos is a true paradise for nature lovers! It is blessed with more than 60 splendid beaches which all have a golden shimmer, the most famous among them being Koukounaries. Follow the trails through the luxurious pine forest of the same name and around Lake Stofilia. Look also:

As the homeland of the great wirter Alexandros Papadiamantis, the island has also a lot to offer in culture. Historical churches like the Evangelistrias Monastery are well worth seeing.

Besides all of this, party animals will find their proper place on this versatile island: the hectic nightlife attracts thousands of young travellers every year. The Old Harbour is an ideal location for those searching for entertainment thanks to its numerous bars and clubs. Look also:


Skopelos is considered to be the greenest island in Greece with more than half of its territory being covered with virgin pine forest. You will certainly be impressed by the eye-catching golden coasts, deep waters and the traditional Pelion architecture patterns. It probably was this unique beauty that conviced the producers of the famous Hollywood movie „Mamma Mia“ to shoot their film at this breathtaking place.

For all of you gourmands, it is a must to taste the traditional cheese pie of Skopelos in one of the traditional taverns by the sea. This delicious speciality is made of cheese from local goats, surrounded by spiral-shaped and crispy dough.


Alonissos is the perfect destination for those who want to relax and enjoy nice walks along an atmospheric and splendid landscape full of pine forests, olive groves and orchards. This island is the most remote of the Sporades and offers quiet, untouched beaches.

It is also the home not onyl of the protected Mediterranean Monk Seals (monachus monachus), but also other fascinating animals, including dolphins and rare seabirds, which can be observed at the National Marine Park of the island.

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