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Way more than beaches and sun

Majorca really has it all. This dream destination in the heart of the Mediterranean lures with more than 500 kilometres of award-winning beaches, breathtaking coves and picturesque harbours. Discover white and ochre sand beaches in the southeast or explore hidden coves surrounded by pine forests in the northern part of the island. Individually combine your trip to Majorca with the other fantastic Balearic islands here.

The clean and crystal-clear waters surrounding this paradise offer numerous possibilities to practice water sports, from scuba diving or water skiing to surfing.

The inner part of  the island has much to offer as well. The fascinating landscape of the largest Balearic island is full of hidden treasures and it is largely worth taking your time to discover it. The historic centres of Deià and Valldemossa are two of the most astonishing spots on the island.

The best way to get to know the different side of Majorca is by foot or bicycle. The numerous little-used and rural tracks in the inland are a perfect opportunity to feel the authentic, traditional vibe of Majorca. Almost half of the countryside of the island is protected and each place has its own magic.

Observe countless migratory birds in S’Albufera, see fascinating and rugged landscapes in the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains or explore hidden caves, such as the Drach Cave. Majorca’s coasts as well as the countryside are marked by contrasts and are only waiting for you to discover them.


Teide National Park

Visiting the Teide National Park is an absolute must once you are in Tenerife. Mount Teide has been declard a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO and is classified as the highest peak in Spain with more than 3,700 metres. Furthermore it ranks among the highest volcanoes on an island worldwide.

Teide National Park is almost from another planet. The extraordinary and fascinating crater landscape and the astonishing view you will have from its peak are definitely worth the effort.

Climbing the summit will be an unfogettable experience for you – whether you hike on well-marked trails through dense pine forests or through desert-like landscapes with colourful rocks. A great benefit is that part of the route can be done by cable car, so the ascent is possible for almost everyone. If you are looking for an adventure you can of course ascend by foot as well. There is a route leaving from Montaña Blanca which is a quite demanding six hours walk.

Thanks to the unique climate Teide National Park offers a great variety of endemic flora and fauna. For instance you will encounter three reptile species, namely the Canary Island lizard, the Canary Island wall gecko and the Canary Island skink.

Go and see it for yourself, as words cannot to it justice. You can mix Tenerife and other wonderful Canary islands here.

Greek specialities

Greeks love food. And that is a good thing. Because otherwise holidays in Greece would certainly be only half as pleasurable. The delicious Greek specialities themselves already remind you of holidays.

Meet your friends at the one of the many traditional taverns and order the popular vine leaves, the so called Dolmades, as a starter. Also recommendable are the spicy sausages (Loukaniko), Tzatziki or Spanokopita – a pie filled with spinach and cheese, wrapped in filo pastry. Be delighted by the great choice of bread, fish roe or Skordalia dips, consisting of mashed potatoes and garlic.

For the main course we suggest to try Mousakas, a type of casserole with Zucchini, minced meat and potatoes, whose juicy and delicious taste stimulates body and soul. Souvlaki on the contrary pampers the palate. These spits of pork, whose marinade has a wonderful smell of oregano, lemon, salt and pepper, by the way are THE highlight of the Greek cooks.

And for dessert? Try Halvas. They convince with their nutty, fine flavour. You should also taste Baklavas, a delicious pastry made of walnuts, almonds and pistachios or Greek yoghurt with honey, nuts and amarettini. What would fit better to this than a Mokka for a sweet-bitter combination? Or maybe you would like to sweeten your journey with Mavrodaphe, a Greek sweet wine?

No matter how you will decide: you should in no case miss this moment on your trip. „Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food“ – Socrates once said, and what better place to do this than in Greece, the country of the culinary temptations? Therefore combine an exciting and relaxing journey to Greece with freedom, zest for life and treat. This is made possible by Choose from our beautiful island hopping and sailing trips!

Island hopping Greece

Hello and welcome to !

In this video you are going to get a lot of exciting information about a very special type of travel. A type of travel which allows individual planning and also very personal experiences for everybody. Island hopping. This way of travelling is possible worldwide. Especially in Greece you can choose between numerous island groups.



The ferry connections between the island become better and better, so that you can for instance discover many different destinations, cultures and also landscapes within just 12 days. Furthermore from one island to another you can enjoy new and delicious specialities in the taverns and gastronomy.

Immerse into a fascinating island world only 2 to 3 flight hours away from you.
The most famous paradise for island hopping worldwide are the Greek Cycladic islands. The tours to the Cyclades in our portfolio offer a selection between the most beautiful of these islands.

As an example we are now presenting the probably most popular tour through the Cyclades. You will get the ferry tickets either directly upon arrival or one day before at the respective hotel. You will be driven to the port on time prior to each ferry trip and after arriving on the other island the tour guides will meet you immediately. They will also accompany you to your individually selected hotel.

Usually this tour begins with the direct arrival at the airport of Mykonos. There the indescribable island feeling will thrill you at once. Among the benefits of the holiday paradise Mykonos are more than 3.000 hours of sunshine per year, golden sandy beaches with crystal clear water, as well as the traditional architecture of the Cyclades with the typical main colours white and blue. Furthermore there is the immediate vicinity to the ancient island Delos, whose ruins attract innumerable visitors as well. The nightlife on Mykonos is unique. Here party and fun join glamour and high society. In order to discover as much as possible, we recommend you to stay at this exciting place for about 3 days.

From Mykonos you will move on to Paros, where a stay of 3 days is ideal as well. By ferry you can reach your next holiday destination within 2 to 4 hours depending on the connection. The island presents itself as a holiday paradise with beautiful beaches, villages adorned with flowers and many historic sights. Especially the neighbouring island Antiparos is a fantastic excursion destination thanks to its white beaches. Paros demonstrates flexibility with calm corners to relax and places with a quite active nightlife.

After these exciting days you will continue to Naxos. This island; as opposed to the rest of the Cyclades; is very lush and can be reached within less than one hour thanks to the ferry. Besides the green and versatile landscape, the white beaches are well worth seeing. They rank among the most beautiful of the Cyclades. In order to try several restaurants and specialities here, we recommend you to stay for about 4 days.

You will spend the last 4 unforgettable days of holiday on the stunning island Santorini. The ferry trip takes 2 to 4 hours as well depending on the connection. There you will be expected by a fascinating island. The crater side certainly is the highlight of this island. The typical houses of Thira, the island capital, have a unique architecture. They are small and whitewashed, with vaults and many tiny windows. Numerous boutiques, restaurants and souvenir shops can be found in the narrow streets. Experience breathtaking port taverns, mediterranean lifestyle and an absolutely unforgettable island feeling.

Follow the trails of the most beautiful Greek islands now with!


Temperate climate & deep blue waters

The Ionian Islands scattered along the west coast of Greece are well-known for their dark blue and cool sea waters, lush vegetation and rich cultural heritage. This island group consists of twelve large and small islands, among them Zakynthos, Ithaca, Corfu, Kefalonia, Lefkada and Paxi. They entice with a flawless infrastructure, excellent hotel accommodations, cultural events and a multitude of sights.

Once part of Central Greece they were torn apart when the terrain sank because of a landslide. As a consequence this region now entices with rugged shores, tall mountains and hauntingly beautiful beaches. Furthermore the waters in this area, reaching a depth of 4,406 metres, are by far the deepest in the Mediterranean.

Due to the temperate and pleasant climate the Ionian Islands are the perfect location for vacation or permanent residence. While during the winter the mountains of the Greek mainland stop the cold northern winds from reaching the islands, in the summer the temperature is lowered by the soft meltemia winds and sea breezes. Their air currents also make them an acclaimed destination for international windsurfers. Plan your individual island hopping trip on the Ionian islands now!

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