Leipsoi Tourguide

Nestled in the northern Dodecanese, Leipsoi, the largest island in a group of twenty islands and islets, offers an ideal setting for a tranquil vacation. Renowned for its serene natural beauty and warm hospitality, legend has it that it was the allure of this land, rather than Calypso herself, that tempted Odysseus to linger when his ship veered off course on his journey back to Ithaca. Leipsoi Village, founded in 1669 by Elias, a man from Crete, sits on a hill gently sloping towards the harbor, offering picturesque views and a serene atmosphere.

Must-see attractions include the impressive Church of Agios Ioannis Theologos, the Ecclesiastical-Folk Art Museum, and the iconic Panagia tou Charou Monastery. Experience vibrant celebrations on August 23rd honoring Panagia tou Charou and indulge in a three-day wine festival in August. Activities such as hiking, water activities, and beach exploration beckon visitors to immerse themselves in the island’s natural wonders. With its serene atmosphere, stunning landscapes, and rich cultural heritage, Leipsoi invites visitors to unwind and discover the beauty of the northern Dodecanese.