Kimolos Tourguide

In Chorio Kimolou, visitors can explore sites such as Myloi (the Mills), Paliokastro (Portara), and Vromolimni Cave, adding to the island’s rich history and natural beauty. Psathi, with its charming white houses and narrow cobblestone alleys, serves as a gateway to the island and offers a glimpse into traditional Cycladic life. Nearby, the ancient town of Ellinika and the chalk extraction area of Prassa provide further opportunities for exploration and discovery.

Alyki and Kalamitsi, located on the island’s southern side, boast gorgeous beaches and stunning rock formations, ideal for relaxation and adventure alike. Marveling at the rock formations over Ellinika and Agios Andreas islet is a must-do activity for nature enthusiasts. Cultural events like “Cultural August” offer visitors a chance to engage with local traditions and festivities, including exhibitions, sports activities, and entertainment. Local feasts such as Profitis Ilias, Panagia Konomou, Agia Methodia, and Panagia Odigitria provide insight into the island’s rich religious and cultural heritage.

Hiking trails offering scenic views and opportunities for exploration are popular among outdoor enthusiasts visiting Kimolos. Diving into crystal-clear waters for snorkeling and diving adventures allows visitors to discover the vibrant marine life surrounding the island. Finally, indulging in a relaxing dip in the sulphur hot springs in Prassa or enjoying fishing and swimming in various beaches around the island completes the quintessential Kimolos experience.