Kastellorizo Tourguide

Kastellorizo, situated near the Turkish coast, once thrived in the late 19th century with a population of nearly 13,000 inhabitants, but saw waves of emigration following historical events, including bombings during World War II. Despite its modest size, covering just 9 square kilometers, Kastellorizo boasts unparalleled beauty, especially in its sole populated area, Kastellorizo village, known for its brightly painted houses and winding alleys. Visitors can explore historic landmarks like the castle of the Knights Hospitaller and the Archaeological – Diachroniko Museum housed in the historic “Konaki” building.

Other highlights include Mandraki, a picturesque harbor district, and Chorafia, home to the 1903 Santrapeia Urban School and Agios Georgios church. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy activities such as boating to the famed Blue Cave and exploring Ro Island, while scuba diving and hiking opportunities abound. Throughout the year, Kastellorizo hosts vibrant festivities honoring its patron saints and unique cultural events, adding to its allure as a destination rich in history and tradition. With its warm hospitality and enchanting atmosphere, Kastellorizo invites travelers to immerse themselves in the magic of Greece’s easternmost island, promising an unforgettable Aegean journey.