Folegandros Tourguide

Folegandros, situated in the southwestern Cyclades between Sikinos and Milos, offers visitors a serene escape amidst a classic Cycladic landscape. This unspoiled island, covering an area of 32 sq. km with a coastline of 31.5 km, is home to approximately 670 inhabitants. According to mythology, the island’s first settlers were led by Folegandros, the son of the Cretan King Minos. Chora, the main town, exudes timeless charm with its cobblestone streets and narrow alleys winding around the medieval castle perched atop a crag.

The town’s picturesque squares, traditional cafes, tavernas, and whitewashed houses create a quintessential Cycladic ambiance. Must-see attractions in Chora include the mediaeval castle, churches such as Eleousa, Pantanassa, and Agia Sofia, and the iconic church of Panagia, offering panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. Exploring further, visitors can embark on trips to Karavostasis, the island’s port, where they can visit Agios Artemios’ church and nearby beaches. Agkali, a small coastal village nestled around Agkali Bay, offers another scenic retreat, with opportunities to visit Agios Nikolaos’ country chapel and the Lighthouse at Cape Aspropounta.

Ano Meria, the island’s second-largest village, provides insight into traditional agricultural life, with its themonies (small autonomous agricultural units) and the local Folk Art Museum showcasing historical artifacts and tools. Activities on Folegandros range from swimming at various beaches, including Karavostasis, Vardia, and Agios Georgios, to camping in Livadi, diving, spear fishing, and hiking along scenic trails.