Agathonisi Tourguide

Agathonisi, the northernmost island of the Dodecanese, offers visitors a serene atmosphere, traditional architecture, and a diverse ecosystem. Its three villages, Agios Georgios, Megalo Chorio, and Mikro Chorio, are adorned with charming buildings and picturesque gardens. Megalo Chorio, the largest and oldest village, showcases unique architectural styles with stone walls and spacious doors. Notable landmarks include the “Tholoi,” 11th-century buildings believed to have served as food storage facilities.

Throughout the year, Agathonisi hosts various events such as the Agios Panteleimon Feast on July 27th and the Panagia Feast on August 15th. These celebrations feature traditional offerings and cultural festivities, including the Klidonas custom. Visitors can also enjoy activities like swimming at the island’s pristine beaches, including Spilia, Gaidouravlakos, Tsagkari, and Poros Cove. Agathonisi’s untouched beauty, tranquil ambiance, and commitment to preserving its cultural heritage and natural environment make it an ideal destination for travelers seeking serenity and authenticity in the Greek islands.