Temperate climate & deep blue waters

The Ionian Islands scattered along the west coast of Greece are well-known for their dark blue and cool sea waters, lush vegetation and rich cultural heritage. This island group consists of twelve large and small islands, among them Zakynthos, Ithaca, Corfu, Kefalonia, Lefkada and Paxi. They entice with a flawless infrastructure, excellent hotel accommodations, cultural events and a multitude of sights.

Once part of Central Greece they were torn apart when the terrain sank because of a landslide. As a consequence this region now entices with rugged shores, tall mountains and hauntingly beautiful beaches. Furthermore the waters in this area, reaching a depth of 4,406 metres, are by far the deepest in the Mediterranean.

Due to the temperate and pleasant climate the Ionian Islands are the perfect location for vacation or permanent residence. While during the winter the mountains of the Greek mainland stop the cold northern winds from reaching the islands, in the summer the temperature is lowered by the soft meltemia winds and sea breezes. Their air currents also make them an acclaimed destination for international windsurfers. Plan your individual island hopping trip on the Ionian islands now!

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