A true paradise for island hopping

The Cyclades are the most famous island group in the Aegean Sea and certainly comprise some of the most magnificent islands worldwide.They lure with splendid sandy beaches, their traditional whitewashed houses with blue roofs and vaults, rich cultural heritage, adorable hosts and a fascinating landscape.

The name ‘Cyclades’ refers to the circle the numerous islands are forming around the ancient island of Delos. Due to this close vicinity they are the perfect destination for island hopping. It may come as a surprise that, although there is a short distance between the islands, they differ a lot and each island is worth being visited. Get to know the unique charms of each island with our island hopping Cyclades tours!

Mykonos is well-known for glamour and high society. Paros presents itself as a beautiful paradise with many historic sights. Naxos, as opposed to the rest of the Cyclades, has a very lush and versatile landscape and on Santorini you will find innumerable boutiques, restaurants and souvenir shops.

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