Thirasia Tourguide

Thirasia, a lesser-known gem in the group of Santorini’s islands, offers a serene escape with its imposing natural landscapes, local architectural charm, and enchanting views of Santorini, Palaia Kameni, and Nea Kameni islets. The island’s history dates back to settlements of the Late Bronze Age and the Classical Period, adding layers of intrigue to its allure.

The largest village on Thirasia, Manolas, captivates visitors with its traditional architecture and panoramic vistas of the caldera. Must-see attractions include the churches of Agios Konstantinos and Agios Ioannis, as well as Profitis Ilias’ country chapel atop the island’s highest peak. Vigla location offers splendid views of Thirasia and Korfos, while Panagia’s Monastery provides a serene retreat with breathtaking views of Caldera, Santorini, Palaia Kameni, and Nea Kameni.

Exploring further, visitors encounter Potamos, a traditional inland village, and Riva, Thirasia’s port, where the church of Agia Eirini stands, lending insight into the island’s rich history. The southern part of the island reveals a settlement from the Late Bronze Age, adding archaeological interest to Thirasia’s charm.Thirasia offers various activities for nature lovers and adventurers alike. Swimming at the beaches of Korfos and Riva, fishing, diving at Cape Trypiti, and hiking amidst the island’s scenic landscapes provide ample opportunities for exploration and relaxation.