Dodecanese islands

Airport destinations
Kos island – Wednesday & Saturday/Sunday, mix with Kos or Kalymnos possible
[wpspoiler name=”Inquiry here >>> Sailing Dodecanese islands” style=”wpui-green”][wptabs effect=”slide” mode=”horizontal”][wptabtitle]Mix sailing and stay on islands[/wptabtitle][wptabcontent] An example how you can mix a sailing trip around the Dodecanese with a stay on a few islands for 2 weeks:


Arrival on Saturday on Kos, sailing journey to Patmos or Rhodes, then on to Kos, stay on the island, and return flight on Wednesday or Saturday from Kos.

Arrival on Wednesday on Kos, stay on Kalymnos, sailing journey to Patmos or Rhodes, then on to Kos, stay on the island, or simply return flight from Kos (or vice versa).

The tour you will have chosen and mixed will be checked, and flight, sailing and hotel reservations will be made accordingly to your dates!

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[/wptabcontent] [wptabtitle]Only sailing inquiry[/wptabtitle][wptabcontent] Islands of Dodecanese Starting dates for sailing:
(beginning of April until the end of September)

Kos – Kos: Saturday, 7 nights (up to Patmos or Rhodes)
Kos – Kos: Saturday, 14 nights (up to Patmos or Rhodes)


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Tour numberStartPrice €Tour type
KOS 141814.05.16455,00 €A
KOS 141921.05.16475,00 €B
KOS 142028.05.16475,00 €A
KOS 142104.06.16475,00 €B
KOS 142211.06.16475,00 €A
KOS 142318.06.16475,00 €B
KOS 142425.06.16475,00 €A
KOS 142502.07.16475,00 €B
KOS 142609.07.16475,00 €A
KOS 142716.07.16475,00 €B
KOS 142823.07.16525,00 €A
KOS 142930.07.16525,00 €B
KOS 143006.08.16525,00 €A
KOS 143113.08.16525,00 €B
KOS 143220.08.16525,00 €A
KOS 143327.08.16525,00 €B
KOS 143403.09.16525,00 €A
KOS 143510.09.16525,00 €B
KOS 143617.09.16525,00 €A
KOS 143724.09.16475,00 €B
KOS 143801.10.16475,00 €A

Service: active sailing on Dodecanese on a modern yacht with a skipper. Bed in a double cabin with a bathroom and kitchen, breakfast on board or, depending on the weather and tour, on the next beach. Please, indicate the hotel category if you would like to stay on the island in the inquiry here. The wishes of the guests cannot possibly be always considered.
Not inclusive: The tips for the captain are not obligatory, the flight, the on-board cash box, the charges concerning the bed linen, a possible extra stay (on the second or third week, depending how long your sailing trip is). The airport transfer costs 15€ per journey.
Important remarks: Changes in the route can occurr due to possible bad weather conditions, or unexpected matters. In this case, the captain makes a decision himself. A maximum of 8 people will be allowed on board. Customer deposits and port charges will be carried out by tour operator Arkadia.

Sailing Dodecanese

Kos constitutes a starting point for sailing on Dodecanese islands in Greece, for example on east Greek islands like Rhodes, Symi, Kos, Leros, Samos, Patmos, Kalymnos and other islands. It’s an ideal spot for beginners and advanced sailors. The Meltemi provides nice sailing winds, strong winds occur very seldom in summer. Many Greek islands offer quiet mooring places with many opportunities to go for nice walks. Visiting superb turkish ports and bays is possible on demand as well. You will sail on Gib Sea 472 (might change) with a skipper and a maximum of 8 other passengers, who will stay in double cabins. Single requests for sailing tours around the Dodecanese are also conceivable since a lot of people prefer sailing alone. You can decide for how long you want to sail: one or two weeks are the two alternatives, but it’s possible to prolong your holidays with a stay on Kos. Knowledge in sailing is not necessary. The skipper will introduce you to the most important movements in sailing, teach you essential knots and tell about the particularities of the boat. We promise you will get better with practice! Soon, you will be able to take the rudder alone and sail with the only help of a map and a compass. Teamwork is a key element in sailing for the journey to be as agreeable as possible. We haven’t forget about nice breaks for swimming, playing games, reading a book or just enjoying the sun or wind.
The first tour (C) goes from Athens to Kos via Naxos. The last tour (D) is the exact same, except the other way round. All the details about the route cannot be usually determined from the beginning on because the weather and winds are not predictable. Trying to reach a destination in the middle of a storm is like trying to convince your kids at 7 in the morning in the winter that school is cool: It’s pointless and will get you nowhere. For this reason, the route will be discussed every morning with the skipper before leaving, and be adapted to the weather conditions if necessary. You will spend the nights in quiet bays or in ports near the coast.
Yacht & skipper
The yacht for sailing trips in the Dodecanese is a Gib Sea 472, a modern sailing yacht with 5 double cabins. All skippers speak English, have long experience in sailing and know the area by heart. They are usually sailing during the whole season, and can show you the most beautiful places, isolated bays and lively port cities of many islands. The cabins will be divided on-site. The skipper will of course consider the wishes of the guests and do his best to fulfill them. Please pay attention that the boats are not cruise ships, but smaller, sport yachts. The bed linen, tableware etc. are available on board. The sailing tours on Dodecanese begin in Kos. The port is more or less 25 km away from the airport.
Another nice experience in sailing journeys is cooking all together. You might discover the hidden talents of other passengers, who knows? You can eat at restaurants in the cities for a change, as well. A cash box is on board, to which everybody has to contribute. From this cash box, the fuel and port taxes will be paid. The skipper must not contribute to the cash box.
Kos – a starting point
There are direct flights to Kos from most of the big airports in Europe. We can book you ticket according to the dates and airport that you prefer, but you can of course choose to book your plane tickets yourself as well. The trip can also be prolonged with a stay on an island of your choice. On the day of your arrival, you will be able to board the ship from 17.00 o’clock on. If you happen to arrive earlier than expected, you can leave your luggage on board and go for a walk. From Kos on, you can either sail towards the South (tour A), or the North (tour B) of the Dodecanese. This area is remarkable for its diversity of activities, landscapes, cultures and people. In the summer, the climate can be rather arid, but the sea breeze will make your stay in this region very pleasant.
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As a travel agency, we will be able to arrange your trip after having checked the availability of tickets and places, and having compared prices with the travel agency Arkadia or others: