Kasos Tourguide

Fry, Kasos’ capital and main port, founded in 1840, exudes charm with its picturesque setting around Bouka bay, reminiscent of an elegant eyebrow. The town’s architectural ensemble, characterized by graceful mansions, reflects its storied past, while landmarks like Agios Spyridonas church stand as testaments to the island’s enduring faith. Visitors can delve into Kasos’ heritage at the Archeological Collection, showcasing artifacts from prehistoric times to the Roman period, and pay homage to the heroes of the Greek War of Independence at the Municipal Library and Memorial. Exploring beyond Fry reveals the island’s diverse landscape and cultural treasures, from the neoclassical buildings of Agia Marina to the ancient ruins of Poli, crowned by the remains of a castle.

Villages like Arvanitochori offer glimpses into Kasos’ past with old mansions and picturesque chapels, while nearby islands like Armathia beckon with opportunities for exploration and relaxation. Throughout the year, Kasos hosts vibrant festivals and events, celebrating its rich heritage and traditions, from Carnival festivities to Easter celebrations and summer concerts. With its warm hospitality and timeless charm, Kasos invites travelers to discover the beauty of the Dodecanese archipelago and immerse themselves in the essence of Greek island life.