Island hopping

The term ‚Island hopping‘ originally comes from a name given to a military strategy the US army used during the Pacific War.  We associate it nowadays with a unique and carefree way to travel.

Small hotels aknowledged this trend early on, and started adjusting to backpacker tourism. But island hopping means so much more, now: An increasing number of upscale category hotels now offer a stay for only a few days and thus meet the growing requirements of their guests, who are no longer only young people with a limited budget.

Are you looking for an active holiday with a lot of sports or do you just wish to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of various islands? You will no longer have to have to make compromises. You can plan your holiday according to your individual wishes, with islands, hotels and transfers of your choice thanks to Tourmix. How else could you discover so many exciting cultures, fascinating people and landscapes in only one vacation?

Each island has its own charm and story to tell, and never has there been an easier way to get to know them all! Enjoy spectacular sunsets while sitting on magnificent sand beaches, visit idyllic bays surrounded by turquoise water, discover picturesque villages and impressive monuments. In the moment, you can choose between the Greek groups of islands (Cyclades, Dodecanese, Ionian & Sporades), the Spanish archipelagos (Canaries & Balearics) and the Croatian region Dalmatia. Other destinations will follow soon…

Cyclades Islands

Bright white houses, chapels and churches delicately contrasting with the deep blue sea and the clear blue sky – Greece is genuinely like what you see on postcards. Due to the small distances between the islands, the Cyclades suit perfectly island hopping.

Dodecanese Islands

This region is characterized by its variety of possibilities and its highly contrasted landscapes, cultures and people. The dry and warm summer climate will please you, as the see breeze keeps the temperature very enjoyable.

Ionian Islands

Luxuriating vegetation, rich cultural heritage and friendly hosts are only a few examples of what this archipelago has to offer. The water surrounding the islands is the deepest in the Mediterranean, and the mountains ensure you a temperate climate throughout the year.

Sporades Islands

The Sporades are almost like a whole universe in itself: They differ quite a lot from the rest of the Greek islands. What you will find there are heavily wooded mountains and dense pine forests siding superb beaches. Visiting the nearby peninsula Pelion is a must.

Canary Islands

Experience a touch of the Caribbean in Europe. The constant mild temperature (water and air temperatures rarely go under 20 degrees Celsius), sharply sculpted volcanoes and lunar landscapes make these gorgeous islands a dream spot, especially during the winter in ase you want to flee cold, grey northern weather.

Balearic Islands

Rugged coastal stretches, beautiful bays, beaches of white sand and picturesque harbours. Not only Majorca offers an superb scenery; Ibiza, Formentera and Minorca each have their own special charms and offer untouched nature and landscapes.

Dalmatian Islands

Dalmatia is characterized by its large coastline near which you will find a splendid archipelago. Mother Nature definitely spoilt this wealthy and versatile region with hidden bays, beaches, cliffs, karsts, emerald groves, straits and the sea.

Croatia/ Venice

Lonely port cities, wonderful bays and a coastal landscape that could barely be more diversified. So many islands and sun-splashed rocky reefs compose this exciting island world. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, palms, laurels and lemon trees grow in this area.

Caribbean/ Martinique

The hundreds of widely scattered islands across the Caribbean Sea are significantly different, not only in culture and lifestyle, but also in their rich and varied flora. The natural environment here is of an incredible wealth in paradisicial underwater worlds, exotic shoals of fish and colourful coral reefs.


The Seychelles are often referred to as the last remaining ‚Paradise on Earth‘. Southern from the Equator, they consist of mountainous granite formations for the most centered islands of the archipelago, as well as volcanic islands for the outter islands. The vast majority of those remained unhabited until today.


Polynesia’s clear-water and coral reefs suit snorkelling perfectly. You will be able to observe here more than a hundred domestic species of fish, dolphins, rays, turtles and even sharks. Historic cult sites as well as music and dance performances will ravish you and invite you to come back to these islands and vivid turquoise lagoons.

Ferries connect almost all islands of a group between each other, which enables relaxed holidays without putting too much efforts into wasting no time or money. The ferries mostly depart several times a day.

Set up your unforgettable island hopping trip now and travel your own way.