Diapontia Islands Tourguide

The Diapontia Islands offer a serene retreat with their natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere. Let’s delve into the offerings of each island: Ereikoussa, known for its lush landscapes and picturesque beaches where trees cascade down to the sand. The main village, Porto, provides comprehensive beach services, and activities range from swimming at Porto and Braghini beaches to spear fishing and hiking to the hilltop of Merovigli.

Mathraki is renowned for its exquisite reefs and rocky islets, making it a haven for spear fishermen. Explore Kontraka’s old port in Fyki and visit the charming churches of Agios Nikolaos and Agios Spyrodon. Enjoy activities like swimming at Portelo beach, fishing, and hiking to the hilltop of Merovigli.

Othonoi, the largest island in the group, boasts traditional houses, ancient churches, and remnants of Venetian castles. Must-visit sights include Ormos Ammou (Sand Cove), the villages of Dafni and Chorio, the historic 1872 lighthouse on Cape Kastri, and the rocky islets of Kastrino and Ostrako. Activities abound, from swimming at Ammos, Aspri Ammos, and Fyki beaches to spear fishing and sailing adventures.

Each island offers its own unique charm and activities, making the Diapontia Islands an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts and those seeking a peaceful getaway.