Enjoy the greek lifestyle


Greeks love food, and know how to enjoy a nice meal. If greek cuisine didn’t exist, holidays in Greece wouldn’t really be that exciting, would they?

Meeting your friends in a traditional tavern will allow you to taste dolmades, the famous rice-filled grapeleaves, small hot sausages called loukaniko, or even the spanakopita, this delicious spinach and feta greek pie. Home-made tarama will be a real treat to your taste buds, as well as skordalia, which is a potato purée with garlic, and which you can eat on a piece of bread. If you then had one main dish to try out, it should be the moussaka, this famous eggplant, potatoe and minced meat dish, of which the melting texture and the fabulous taste will make you believe in God (We promise). The souvlaki, unlike the moussaka, is a spicy dish made with sliced pork, which is marinated in origan, lemon, salt and pepper. This also is a must!
Will you try out one of our desserts? The mandelhalvas, this nutty dessert will ravish your taste buds. What about a baklava, this famous greek pastry made of walnuts, almonds and pistachios? Would you actually prefer to end this meal with a more refreshing treat, like greek joghurt with honey, walnuts, and amarettini in it? If you are a fan of coffee, then maybe you would very much enjoy drinking a mokka, unless you’re more into wine, and would like to taste the sweet greek wine called mavrodaphne
It’s only a question of taste, isnt’it? Your journey will genuinely be more exciting thanks to our cusine, which is rich in flavours. It is even said that Socrates himself thought good food and drinks were able to bring stomac and soul harmony, which goes well with Greece, of which the gastronomy is worldwide famous for its quality. The local food will bring a little plus to your relaxing days in Greece, and will allow your taste buds to travel as well thanks to new flavours. You can book your own dream holidays now on our website tourmix.eu!

Nightlife on Rhodos

If you thought night was made to get yourself some peace and sleep, you might have forgotten about partying as soon as the sun has gone, and this until it appears again. Rhodos will show you another facette of its personality if you are courageous enough to stay up and take part to it. Rhodos is not only an old greek island with a castle, it genuinely is a cosmopolitan city, which nightlife will never stop fascinating you.

With island hopping in the Dodecanese islands, you will discover a charming, mysterious new world, which is as exciting as opened to anybody, and of which you might as well become the Queen for one night. Make of your holidays on the Aegean sea a never-ending party in Rhodos, and come visit the Colorado club, the glamourous Taj Mahal Club, or even the Resalt, thanks to which you can (re) discover greek music. Let yourself go, and enjoy the fantastic decoration of the Blue Lagoon Bar, in which you can both have a swim and enjoy a nice drink. Maybe you would enjoy the mood of the Harley Davidson Cafe better? Unless you’re a fan of disco, jazz and soul, and in this case, you would have to pay a visit to the very stylish Havana Club. Rhodos will make you forget even the smallest of your worries, awake your senses and fascinate you, without a doubt!

Island hopping is a unique occasion to live a lifetime experience. Enjoy the bars of Rhodos around Orfanidou and the street of Miltiadou one day, and relax on Simi the following day. You might as well enjoy the activities that Kalymnos has to offer, like diving or possibilities to climb. This island will allowyou to both enjoy the benefits of sports, and the pleasure of relaxation at the beach. The diversity of activities offered by Rhodos and its neighbours Simi and Kalymnos will certainly not leave you unsatisfied…

Greek specialities

Greeks love food. And that is a good thing. Because otherwise holidays in Greece would certainly be only half as pleasurable. The delicious Greek specialities themselves already remind you of holidays.

Meet your friends at the one of the many traditional taverns and order the popular vine leaves, the so called Dolmades, as a starter. Also recommendable are the spicy sausages (Loukaniko), Tzatziki or Spanokopita – a pie filled with spinach and cheese, wrapped in filo pastry. Be delighted by the great choice of bread, fish roe or Skordalia dips, consisting of mashed potatoes and garlic.

For the main course we suggest to try Mousakas, a type of casserole with Zucchini, minced meat and potatoes, whose juicy and delicious taste stimulates body and soul. Souvlaki on the contrary pampers the palate. These spits of pork, whose marinade has a wonderful smell of oregano, lemon, salt and pepper, by the way are THE highlight of the Greek cooks.

And for dessert? Try Halvas. They convince with their nutty, fine flavour. You should also taste Baklavas, a delicious pastry made of walnuts, almonds and pistachios or Greek yoghurt with honey, nuts and amarettini. What would fit better to this than a Mokka for a sweet-bitter combination? Or maybe you would like to sweeten your journey with Mavrodaphe, a Greek sweet wine?

No matter how you will decide: you should in no case miss this moment on your trip. „Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food“ – Socrates once said, and what better place to do this than in Greece, the country of the culinary temptations? Therefore combine an exciting and relaxing journey to Greece with freedom, zest for life and treat. This is made possible by tourmix.eu. Choose from our beautiful island hopping and sailing trips!