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individual Roundtrip in Greece

Sail away with Variety Cruises!

Variety Cruises is the leading company for small ship cruise lines, and owns 12 small ships to offer to its clients a unique yacht cruise experience. 10 destinations are available all over the world, such as Spain, the Adriatic Sea, Iceland, and Greece for example. Discover in only 7 days Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Greece on the M/S Panorama, or in 7 days again, what the Canary Island look like during the best time of the year!
You will even be able this winter 2016-2017 to discover Costa Rica and Panama, or even the west side of Cuba if you choose to sail on the M/S Panorama II or the M/Y Variety Voyager.

Even though we were described for our cruise program around the Seychelles by The Times as one of the 10 best cruises on small ships worldwide, Greece remains a favourite for many of our clients. For this reason, we have 3 different programs, including an off-season, history-orientated cruise, entitled “Antiquity to Byzantium” which sails around the Peloponnese. Experts will get on board with you to give explanations about the sites we will visit then, and chat with you.
Our boats have a capacity of between 17 and 25 cabins, which will certainly guarantee you a peaceful cruise in the best conditions.

We hope to have the pleasure to see you soon!